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Advanced Material Development, Processing and Characterization

The patented suite of Advanced Material Development, Processing and Characterization offers armor structures to prevent unauthorized entry or intrusion into a building or area. Primarily, armor structures, like load bearing walls or exterior doors, are designed for resisting an attack from a wide variety of sources.
These structures normally are composed of two individual layers of “i-beams,” which maintains integrity through construction that absorbs and disperses the energy from an attack to other parts of the structure. Controlled and progressive deformations of the armor structure are used to decrease and divert the peak loads of energy. Connected with flanges, the “i-beams” form two individual channels, which then have “i-beams” running parallel throughout them. The “i-beam” channels of the first layer run parallel with the “i-beam” channel of the second layer. The structure is configured so that is has a primary attack side. This structure is designed to not only to prevent entry but to safeguard those who desire the protection. The armor is composed of aluminum oxynitride, a ceramic material that is used in the fabrication of transparent articles such as vehicle windshields and building windows. Aluminum oxynitride offers a high degree of protection and weighs considerably less than traditional glass/polymer armor, providing protection from lethal armor piercing rounds at a fraction of the thickness and overall weight of other traditional materials.
- Disperses peak sources of energy throughout the structure to increase reliability, - Serves primarily as an external door designed to prevent entry; however the possibilities are in no way limited just to this structure, - Withstands a variety of attacks (e.g. mechanical and abrasive cutters, plasma torches, oxygen lances, line-shaped explosively formed charges and flyer plate attacks using C4 explosives), - Uses aluminum oxynitride for superior protection.
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