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Aggregate Spray for Air Particulate

This invention was conceived in response to the events that occurred between October 2 and November 2, 2001 when letters containing a powdered form of B. anthracis were mailed through the United States Postal Service resulting in the contamination of government and private facilities (US EPA 2002). According to government specialists, the geographic scope of the incidents was increased by the cross-contamination of mail. In bringing affected buildings back into service, reaerosolization of these bioaerosols occurred due to particle dynamics and the airflow patterns in the buildings and in the building ventilation systems that required multiple decontamination efforts (NIOSH 2002). The developing terrorist threat of "dirty bombs" expanded the products’ focus to these hazardous particulates.
Patent Abstract: 
The invention is a new tool for Homeland Security and Department of Defense efforts to reduce or eliminate potential personal exposure to terrorist-related biological and "dirty bomb" weapon particulates. This will assist emergency responders and aid in protecting public health.
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