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Air-launched supercavitating water-entry projectile

A supercavitating water-entry projectile having empennage on the aft end which provides both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic stability and a supercavitating nose section is provided. A representative projectile is a subcaliber munition adapted for use in a 25 mm weapon using a sabot currently in use with the M919 round. The projectile has circumferential grooves around its center section to match these sabots. A key feature in the invention is the size and shape of the nose section. The projectile has a novel high strength extended blunt nose section followed by a truncated conical section which angles towards the body of the projectile in the range of five degrees. During underwater trajectory, the entire projectile is contained within the cavitation bubble formed by the blunt nose tip. The projectile's aft empennage, which provides both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic stability, fits within the bore of the weapon.

Howard K. Steves, Jacques E. Goeller, Thomas K. Harkins

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October 21, 1999
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