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Air to air homing missile guidance

An air to air homing missile guidance algorithm based on a state-dependent Riccati equation solution of a spherical-based nonlinear intercept representation of the intercept kinematics problem. The achieved algorithm also provides characteristics asymptotically stabilizing the intercept kinematics achieved with the classic proportional navigation or PRONAV intercept algorithm but provides reduced hunting instability and other fuel-consuming and time consuming missile maneuvers. The disclosed algorithm is in the form of four state equations, two equations for an angular acceleration embodiment and two for a linear acceleration embodiment. Each such embodiment includes seven state variables each having a gain coefficient of complex fraction form; each embodiment is additionally refined for differing cross-channel couplings. Each algorithm avoids need to estimate the time-to-go parameter and achieves indirect rather than faulted direct minimization of missile miss distance when provided with accurate target and missile acceleration data.

James R. Cloutier

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Patent Issue Date: 
July 12, 2001
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