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Airborne mine neutralization system, neutralizer pressure relief valve

A combination pressure relief valve system and undersea vehicle vents pressurized gas from lithium batteries to ambient. An undersea vehicle having an interior has a pair of hollow pylons each having a passageway fluidly communicating with the interior. A pressure relief valve is mounted on each pylon, and each pressure relief valve has a body portion having an inner bore fluidly communicating with a passageway. An elongate valve plug in the body portion is interposed between each passageway and ambient and the valve plug has a lateral bore and a circumferentially disposed O-ring. A nose portion is secured to the body portion, and the nose portion has a pair of laterally aligned bores aligned with the lateral bore of the elongate valve plug. A wire extends through the laterally aligned bores and lateral bore. The O-ring and wire retain the valve plug interposed between a passageway and ambient.

Daniel Georgiadis

Thomas M. Pruitt

Joseph Papciak

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
March 8, 2005
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