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Aircraft weapons bay acoustic resonance suppression system

A aircraft weapons bay acoustic resonance suppression system for reducing undesirable acoustic resonances within an open weapons bay of an aircraft in flight is described. The system includes a rod mounted upon and spaced a distance from an extensible aircraft spoiler. The rod has a hollow core and includes a multiplicity of apertures axially aligned into two groups, placed at the point of fluid separation. A multiplicity of synthetic jets are received within the rod, each jet in fluid communication with a corresponding aperture. The jets combine to form first and second perturbation elements. The perturbation elements are sinusoidally driven out of phase at high frequencies by an actuator. This effectively creates a high frequency forcing of the airstream which is amplified by the airflow, creating a violent shedding. Advantageously, this violent shedding dramatically reduces acoustic resonance within the weapons bay of the aircraft.

Michael J. Stanek

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June 25, 2004
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