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Airspace design evaluation

A computer based method, system and computer program product to assign a quality metric to an airspace design and optionally to compare it against design metrics, to determine a comparative quality metric. Factors contributing to quality of the airspace sector design are identified via user input and quantified to calculate a quality metric for the airspace sector design as a function of the quantified factors. Categories for each of the identified factors, and parameters for each of the identified categories are also identified via user input. Each parameter has an associated weight and a range of thresholds with associated multipliers. An associated multiplier from the range of thresholds for each identified parameter is also identified. The identified multiplier is multiplied with the associated weight for each identified parameter. The products for each identified parameter are then summed to obtain a quality metric.

Michael J. White, Sterling

Robert P. Bearer

Carla Ximena Gladstone

James M. Reed

Steven R. Kalbaugh, Sr.

Patrick L. Jones

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
June 29, 2012
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