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ALADDIN: Database Searching and Identifying Text

US Patent # 7,797,152 Method of Database Searching
US Patent # 7,761,286 Natural Language Database Searching Using Morphological Query Term Expansion
US Patent # 7,539,611 Method of Identifying and Highlighting Text

This technology is a combination of three inventions: two natural language database search methods and a method of identifying and highlighting text. The Tagger searches for transliterated terms (such as names) within large data sets using lexical, contextual, and morphological information. The Matcher is then applied to determine which candidate terms are known within the database and are therefore of likely increased interest to the reader. This knowledge-based system’s ability to work without relying on any one query language grants non-expert users access to an extensive collection of linguistic information and expertise. A typical application for this technology is name searching since names have unique linguistic and cultural complications and extracting names from data sources can be difficult.



Click to view the PDFs of these patents on the US Patent and Trademark Office website: 7,797,152, 7,761,286, 7,539,611.

  • Genealogy
  • Financial/banking industry
  • Medical record retrieval
  • Fraud detection systems
  • Background checks
Patent Number: 
7,797,152; 7,761,286; 7,539,611
Patent Issue Date: 
September 14, 2010
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