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Altered Avian Virus for In-Ovo Inoculation

Attenuated recombinant Newcastle disease virus (NDV) vaccines, containing an antisense coding region of the chicken interleukin 4 (IL4R) inserted into the NDV viral genome, were evaluated as candidates for in-ovo vaccination. ARS results indicate that these altered NDV-IL4R vaccines are a reliable in-ovo immunogenic composition that modulates the host animal’s immune response and induces good protection in the host upon challenge.

• The vaccine can be administered safely in-ovo so that animals are protected at an early stage of life
• Antisense IL4 was used as an adjuvant to enhance the safety and protection induced by the vaccines and to create stronger immune responses

• Since Newcastle disease (ND) continues to be a threat to the poultry industry world-wide, this vaccine has the potential to be used as a novel, more effective in-ovo vaccine that elicits a strong immune response in hatchling chicks in order to decrease virulent virus replication and horizontal transmission

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