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Alternating Current Photovoltaic Building Block

This technology provides a fully integrated and self-containing alternating current (AC) photovoltaic (PV) Building Block device and method that allows photovoltaic applications to become true plug-and-play devices. The Building Block combines, contains, and integrates almost all of the electrical and mechanical elements of a PV system while eliminating the traditional DC voltage concerns of today’s PV systems.

Patent Abstract: 

The building block consists of an innovative module and method by which AC PV power is generated in the form of direct current (DC). Furthermore, the DC will be converted to AC and power will be exported through one or more power conversion and transfer units attached to the module. The Building Block can be used as a PV power source that has only AC power out and can be used alone or in an array.

Compatible with all known PV module technologies - Eliminates DC voltage concerns by placing elements inside structure - Environmentally and structurally sound - Unique Plug-and-Play technology
Patent Number: 
US Pat. No. 6,750,391
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
SD #6968
Patent Status: 
Available - Various licensing and partnering options are available. Please contact the Intellectual Property department to discuss.
Patent Issue Date: 
February 29, 2016
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