Available Technology

AnisWave2D: Seismic Wave Modeling Software for Enhanced Hydrocarbon Reservoir Imaging CR-1878, 2089

Geometry of a single-well survey. Fine grid spacing is used around the low velocity borehole.
Computationally efficient - Reduces memory use and increases speed via variable grid spacing - Fully parallelized and portable - Avoids unnecessary computation by restricting the wavefield update to gridpoints inside an expanding surface defined by the maximum seismic velocity - Anisotropic: offers isotropic, vertical axis of symmetry (VTI), orthorhombic, and Tilted Transverse Isotropy (TTI) modeling - Fractures can be modeled discretely or as equivalent anisotropic media - Software is compatible with Berkeley Lab’s GEM graphical model-building tool
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
CR-1878, 2089
Patent Status: 
Copyrighted. Available for licensing.
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