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Antenna system and method for operating same

An antenna apparatus (and corresponding innate method) comprises an array of antenna elements each having a phase center. An observable signal" that contains a low-frequency component and a high-frequency component is generated. The high-frequency component is summed with the signal received by each antenna element near its phase center, forming a plurality of sum signals. These are fed into a signal processing arrangement that processes these signals with the low frequency component of the observable signal, including analog to digital conversion to (i) remove the high frequency component of the observable signal, (ii) normalize the effects of the signal transfer characteristics on the digital sum signals, (iii) synchronously re-sample the digital sum signals, and (iv) differentially time-reference each digital sum signal to the phase center of the corresponding antenna element. The thusly, processed digital signals are combined into a single composite signal."

Donald H. Steinbrecher

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Patent Issue Date: 
November 15, 2002
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