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Antibodies to Lethal Mushroom Toxins

Amatoxins are produced by some wild mushrooms, such as Death Cap mushrooms which could be mistakenly identified as one of the choice edible Amanitas. Amatoxin-producing Amanita are responsible for most of the serious mushroom poisonings.
Most current methods to detect amatoxins are time consuming and require expensive instrumentation. Novel monoclonal antibodies were developed against lethal amatoxins (amanitins). These antibodies can be used in a portable, easy-to-use, diagnostic test strip to quickly determine amatoxin poisoning in humans and dogs, as well as for presence of the toxin in a mushroom. Fast and sensitive detection of mushroom poisonings is critical for timely medical treatment.

• Early diagnosis of amatoxin poisoning can help prevent deaths (in humans and dogs)
• Antibodies help produce highly-purified amanitin for cancer therapy and as a reference standard for research

• Rapid detection of deadly amatoxins from clinical samples (urine) and mushrooms
• Concentration and purification of amatoxins
• Potential therapeutic in the treatment of amatoxin poisonings
• A tool for easily, rapidly and safely determining amatoxin-containing mushroom species

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