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Antigen, Encoding Gene, Related Monoclonal Antibody and Hybridoma Clones for Streptococcus pneumoniae Serological Diagnostics

This CDC developed invention pertains toStreptococcus pneumoniaeprotein "pneumococcal fimbrial protein A (PfpA)," as well as the encodingpfpAgene.S. pneumoniaelinked pneumococcal disease is prevalent among the very young, the elderly and also immunocompromised individuals. This invention covers the breadth of directly PfpA-related technology that might be employed for development of diagnostic tests forS. pneumoniaeand/or vaccines directed against the pathogen. In addition to the the intellectual property protected amino acid sequence and encoding plasmid, monoclonal antibodies and corresponding hybridomas are also available.
Easily adapted to a high-throughput assay for mass screening purposes -Can be formatted as an on-site, lateral-flow diagnostic; both PfpA antigen and anti-PfpA mAb are available
Harold Russell
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