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Apparatus and method for automatic omni-directional visual motion-based collision avoidance

A method of identifying and imaging a high risk collision object relative to a host vehicle includes arranging a plurality of N sensors for imaging a three-hundred and sixty degree horizontal field of view (hFOV) around the host vehicle. The sensors are mounted to a vehicle in a circular arrangement so that the sensors are radially equiangular from each other. For each sensor, contrast differences in the hFOV are used to identify a unique source of motion (hot spot) that is indicative of a remote object in the sensor hFOV. A first hot spot in one sensor hFOV is correlated to a second hot spot in another hFOV of at least one other N sensor to yield range, azimuth and trajectory data for said object. The processor then assesses a collision risk with the object according to the object's trajectory data relative to the host vehicle.

Michael R. Blackburn

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March 2, 2012
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