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Apparatus and method to reduce biofouling of water quality datasondes

An apparatus and method for controlling biofouling of a datasonde. The apparatus includes a sample chamber that attaches to the end of the datasonde and encloses its sensor array. The sample chamber is plumbed with a water tube that allows ambient water to flow into and out of the sample chamber. The chamber is also plumbed with an air tube that allows air to flow into and out of the sample chamber. The air tube is split above the water surface with each side having an in-line solenoid valve. One side of the air tube is connected to a compressed air source and the other side is open to the atmosphere. Compressed air is introduced to the sample chamber at set intervals, forcing extant sample water from the sample chamber via the water tube to control biofouling of the sensor array.

Joseph John Meiman, Jr.

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
March 27, 2018
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