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Apparatus and methods for parallel testing of devices


Test systems coupled to a device under test (DUT) with different segments or stages and related methods are provided. Exemplary test systems include logic that executes concurrent determinations or tests for multiple DUT segments or stages. Exemplary test systems can include logic that concurrently executes various tests associated with different DUT segments including determinations or testing for a specified DUT test environment, determinations or tests of when data will be made available to various DUT segments, and various determinations or tests that may be completed before data is made available to specified DUT segments. At least one embodiment of a first stage concurrent determination test system determines first stage tests do not require a specified target and high pressure gas conditions for DUT testing and at least one embodiment of a second stage concurrent test system does require a specified target and high pressure gas conditions for DUT testing.


M. Halter

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Engineering, Safety, manufacturing, testing
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December 18, 2018
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