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Apparatus for adapting a rocket-assisted projectile for launch from a smooth bore tube

An apparatus for adapting a rocket-assisted artillery projectile of a first caliber for firing from a smooth bore tube of a second caliber may include an adapter for connecting to an aft end of the rocket-assisted artillery projectile. The adapter may include a main channel for receiving rocket exhaust, a plurality of sub-channels that lead from the main channel to an exterior of the adapter, and an ignition channel that leads from the main channel to an ignition delay disposed in the adapter. A tail boom may be fixed to an aft end of the adapter. The tail boom may include an opening in a fore end that communicates with the ignition delay in the adapter. Lifting surfaces, such as fins, may be attached to the tail boom.

Keith R. Fulton, Gregory Malejko, Peter Burke, Daniel Pascua

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Patent Issue Date: 
June 7, 2013
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