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Apparatus for and method of forming multiple simultaneous electronically scanned beams using direct digital synthesis

The apparatus/method according to the present invention accomplishes a reduction in the total number of direct digital synthesizers (DDSs) needed for use in electronically scanned antenna array to generate multiple simultaneous radio frequency (RF) beams. The apparatus includes, inter alia, a multi-beam forming synthesizer, a plurality of DDSs, a corresponding plurality of amplifiers all operatively connected to a plurality of radiating elements of the antenna array. This arrangement uses a single DDS per radiating element. Each DDS uses a composite amplitude, phase and frequency information computed by the multi-beam forming synthesizer to create the proper waveform for driving the antenna array, and accordingly, generating the desired multiple simultaneous RF beams, i.e. 1-M (e.g. 1 through M) RF beams each of which can have a different frequency and separate modulation.

Daniel Sanford Purdy, H. Wade Swinford

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
September 17, 2004
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