Available Technology

ARCS – Access Rate Control System

The Access Rate Control System (ARCS) system is a fully mechanical, ready-to-install kit that controls the speed of a person’s entry through full-height turnstiles. The faster the entry speed, the more resistance is generated by ARCS on the rotor to slow the operator. At a preset normal entry speed, the operator can pass through with minimal rotor force, and ARCS freewheels on exit. All internal components are furnished in a weather-protected steel housing. This low-cost kit can be installed quickly on new or existing turnstiles, cost-effectively providing a new layer of security.
Patent Abstract: 
Fully mechanical, ready to install kit -Automatic response to rotation speed -Weather-protected stainless steel housing -Customizable design that works with various turnstile models -Permanently lubricated, sealed gearing
No tension adjustments or sensitivity alignments in the field -Controlled entry speeds; exit speeds unaffected -Quick installation, low maintenance -Cost-effective security -No external power/control circuitry needed
Patent Status: 
Production- TRL 9 - Actual application of the technology in its final form and in Y-12 production use.
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