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Array system for segmenting signals and generating a complex waveform at a focal point using recombination of segmented signals

An apparatus and methods are provided to realize an input waveform using wavelet processing and reconstruction via separated antenna array systems having different beam paths and different frequency components which can include phased array transmitters to recreate the input waveform. One aspect of the invention can include a wavelet function used for the examples shown herein which includes a first and second moments of a statistical function, i.e. the mean and variance used with an inverse wavelet to create rectangular pulses that lend themselves to use in the invention herein. Other embodiments of the invention can use other input waveform separation functions paired with signal separation and recombination at a focus point. A selected function can be matched to its application associated with avoidance of sending the input waveform along a single beam path, a desired a focus point, and separation of an input signal.

George Whitaker

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January 9, 2015
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