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Artificial Muscle Kits for the Classroom

NASA's Johnson Space Center granted Environmental Robots, Inc. (ERI), a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to develop a family of artificial muscle systems with robotic sensing and actuation capabilities for a wide spectrum of NASA space robotic and extravehicular activity applications. The company developed two types of ionic polymeric artificial muscles: a bending, flexing, deforming type with sensing and actuation capabilities, and a fibrous electrochemical contractile type that is comparable to mammalian muscles. In order to bring artificial muscle technology to the attention of researchers, scientists, and engineers, as well as high school and college students, ERI began working on two educational outreach products as part of a Phase III SBIR contract with Johnson. The company developed the Artificial Muscles Science KitR and the Contractile Polymeric Artificial Muscles Science Kit.R ERI's science kits aim to promote the science and technology of artificial muscles. This emerging technology has the potential to develop improved prosthetics and biologically-inspired robots, and may even one day replace damaged human muscles. Artificial Muscles Science KitR and Contractile Polymeric Artificial Muscles Science KitR are registered trademarks of Environmental Robots, Inc.
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