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Atmospheric Channel Characterization System and Method Using Target Image Information

A system and method involve transmitting, using an optical device, a plurality of optical pulses into an atmospheric propagation channel towards a target object. Using an imaging device, more than one optical signals and an image of the target object are detected from the atmospheric propagation channel. The optical signals are produced by interaction between the transmitted optical pulses and the atmospheric propagation channel and include elastic backscatter return signals, inelastic backscatter return signals, and polarization signals. A processor simultaneously processes the elastic and inelastic backscatter return signals, the polarization signals, and information contained within the image of the target to determine estimates of one or more physical parameters of the atmospheric propagation channel. The processor uses machine learning algorithms to enhance/restore the image of the target, to perform pattern-recognition and classification of the target, and to extract additional atmospheric propagation channel physical characteristics.

Colin N. Reinhardt

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February 12, 2017
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