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Augmented propulsion system with boundary layer suction and wake blowing

A system to improve jet engine powered aircraft performance and efficiency includes a jet engine having a pressurized air port configured to convey a pressurized airflow from a compressor or a bypass fan disposed in the jet engine. A primary airfoil has a trailing edge, a top surface, and a boundary region. The system further includes a secondary airfoil disposed at a distance from the top surface of the primary airfoil. The secondary airfoil has a bottom surface and a trailing edge. An exhaust region is formed by the trailing edge of the primary airfoil and the trailing edge of the secondary airfoil. A primary airfoil ejector port and a secondary airfoil ejector port are pneumatically coupled to the pressurized air port. The primary airfoil ejector port is disposed proximate the boundary region and the secondary airfoil ejector port is disposed on the bottom surface.

August J Rolling

William H Heiser

Charles F Wisniewski

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Patent Issue Date: 
April 7, 2017
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