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Automated Reasoning within and Searching of Documents

System and Method for Automated Reasoning with and Searching of Documents

(U) This technology yields an innovative approach to the search and discovery of a wide range of content and relationship information (ideas and concepts, as well as semantic, hierarchical, referential, and logical relationships) within a given corpus. Structured as a “knowledge system”, this process and system architecture will enable users to vary what types of information can be discovered by mapping documents into a reconfigurable data and knowledge model (DKM). The system also provides a single interface for users to discover concepts, documents, keywords, entities, and relationships, as well as to reason through logical content of documents by means of the rules knowledge base (RKB).

(U) Ultimately, the system enables machine-driven processing and automation of document structural and referential features by using a DKM to break documents into relevant features, such as titles, sections, section titles, authors, and references. Furthermore, the technology is intended to enhance automated reconstruction of documents, section-by-section, allowing users to view their full document textually, graphically, or by selecting specific document sections or tags.



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  • Legal research and analysis
  • E-Discovery
  • Privacy audits conducted by privacy experts
  • Compliance programs in regulated industries
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December 3, 2014
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