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Automatic asset detection for disaster relief using satellite imagery

Systems and methods for automatic detection of disaster relief assets from a satellite image can include a satellite and a processor, which can contain non-transitory written directions that perform a method, which includes the step of defining spectra of interest (SOI). A reference spectral profile that is based on the SOI is built. The reference spectral profile can extend into the near infrared range to eliminate false positive indications. A satellite image of the spatial region of interest (ROI) is taken. For each pixel in the ROI, test spectra of the spatial region can be extracted and compared to the reference spectral profile using a spectral angle mapper (SAM) tool. When the comparison meets predetermined parameters, that pixel of the ROI can be deemed to be indicative of a disaster relief asset, and the geo-reference data for that pixel can be transmitted to a remote user.

Bryan D. Bagnall, Elan Sharghi, Bo Fitzsimmons, Heidi L. Buck

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June 20, 2014
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