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Autonomous slat-cove-filler device for reduction of aeroacoustic noise associated with aircraft systems

A slat cove filler is utilized to reduce airframe noise resulting from deployment of a leading edge slat of an aircraft wing. The slat cove filler is preferably made of a super elastic shape memory alloy, and the slat cove filler shifts between stowed and deployed shapes as the slat is deployed. The slat cove filler may be configured such that a separate powered actuator is not required to change the shape of the slat cove filler from its deployed shape to its stowed shape and vice-versa. The outer contour of the slat cove filler preferably follows a profile designed to maintain accelerating flow in the gap between the slat cove filler and wing leading edge to provide for noise reduction.

David P. Lockard, Mehdi R. Khorrami, Travis L. Turner, Craig L. Streett, Reggie T. Kidd, Douglas Leo Weber

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February 26, 2016
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