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Autonomous undersea platform

The invention provides an unmanned, autonomous, undersea platform which extends the sphere of influence of a host vessel from which it is launched. The platform is hydrodynamically and stealth shaped to minimize noise, wake and detectability of the platform. The platform includes advanced active and passive sensors for monitoring the undersea environment, high data rate RF and satellite communications capabilities for communication with the host vessel when necessary, forward deployed offensive and defensive weapons systems and sophisticated data processing to coordinate the sensing, communications and weapons systems with minimal direction from the host vessel. Prior to launch, mission directives are input to the data processors. Using artificial intelligence and neural network programming for decision making, the processors constantly update the platform's operating parameters to conform with changing environmental and threat conditions and to successfully complete the mission.

John E. Sirmalis

Pamela J. Lisiewicz

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
October 12, 2000
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