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Battling Brittle Bones

The accuDEXAR Bone Mineral Density Assessment System, manufactured by Schick Technologies, Inc., utilizes camera on a chip" sensor technology invented and developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Schick's accuDEXA system offers several advantages over traditional osteoporosis tests which assess bone density loss in the hip and spine and require specialized personnel to conduct. With accuDEXA physicians can test the entire body's bone density at a peripheral site such as the finger without applying gels or having patients remove garments. Results are achieved in 30 seconds and printed out in less than a minute compared to the estimated exam time of 15 minutes for hip and spine density analyses. Schick has also applied the CMOS APS technology to a new software product that performs dental radiography using up to 90 percent less radiation exposure than conventional x-rays. Called Computed Dental RadiographyR the new digital imaging product utilizes an electronic sensor in place of x-ray film to generate sharp and clear images that appear on a computer screen within 3 seconds and can be enlarged and enhanced to identify problems."
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