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Beamforming rectennas, systems and methods for wireless power transfer

A passive beamforming rectenna includes a plurality of antennas, a plurality of terminal port rectifying circuits, and a beamforming network. The beamforming network includes (a) a plurality of antenna ports connecting to the plurality of antennas, and (b) a plurality of terminal ports connecting to the plurality of terminal port rectifying circuits. The beamforming network further includes a microwave lens or any of a variety of other structures. The beamforming rectenna is characterized by a plurality of radiation distribution patterns. Electromagnetic power is received through the plurality of antennas. The beamforming network directs the received electromagnetic power, in substantial portion, to a subset of the plurality of terminal ports associated with particular radiation distribution patterns whose amplitudes, in the direction from which the electromagnetic power was received, are large relative to the amplitudes, in the same direction, of other radiation distribution patterns associated with other terminal ports.
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January 1, 1970
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