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Bioassay for Cell Conditioned Media

A novel hybridoma cell line (RMH359) and its use as a cellular bioassay to determine the bioactivity of cell conditioned media (CCM) as a supplement used to support cell survival and promote growth in culture. This bioassay provides a measure of CCM bioactivity in support of hybridoma cells used in the generation and production of monoclonal antibodies.


•  Validates the bioactivity of MCM to be used in hybridoma cell culture
•  Determines optimal concentration of MCM for addition to hybridoma growth media
•  Normalizes batch production of MCM


•  A bioassay that can be used to validate bioactivity and standardize production of CCM such as macrophage conditioned medium (MCM). The RMH359 cell line represents a novel cellular bioassay as its survival is completely dependent on the addition of MCM
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