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Biomimetic Peptoid Polymer 2D Nanosheets IB-2633

The search for nanodevices suitable for biomedical and electronic applications has been hampered by the fact that although biological molecules can self-assemble into precisely ordered structures, they are fragile, difficult to produce in quantity, and tend to deteriorate. While two-dimensional materials are useful for fabrication of devices, such materials are quite rare in nature. Chemically defined two-dimensional materials such as self-assembled monolayers offer chemically defined surfaces, but can only be formed if they are bonded to a template for stability. A new biomimetic material developed by Ronald Zuckermann, Tammy Chu, and Ki Tae Nam of Berkeley Lab overcomes the difficulties of controlling this geometry
Unexpectedly high biological and thermal stability - Resists degradation - Composition facilitates use in manufacturing - Self-assembles in solution - Scalable and functionally controllable surfaces - Low cost
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Published Patent Application PCT/US2009/053037 available at www.wipo.int. Available for licensing or collaborative research. To learn more about licensing a technology from LBNL see http://www.lbl.gov/Tech-Transfer/licensing/index.html.
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