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Bitsy Thinks Big

AeroAstro, of Herndon, Virginia, developed a nanospacecraft core module capable of developing recyclable spacecraft designs using standard interfaces. From this core module, known as the BitsyT kernel, custom spacecraft are able to connect mission-specific instruments and subsystems for variation in mission usage. The nanospacecraft core module may be used in conjunction with an existing microsatellite bus or customized to meet specific requirements. Building on this premise, AeroAstro has developed a line of satellite communications equipment, sun sensors, and Lithium-Ion batteries which are all incorporated in its complete line of mission-specific nanospacecraft. The Bitsy technology is also a key component in AeroAstro's satellite inspection products and orbital transfer services. In the future, AeroAstro plans to market an even less expensive version of the Bitsy technology. The plan, which is targeted to universities, markets a sort of satellite in a kit for less than $1 million. This technology would allow universities to build true space hardware for a fraction of the cost of launching a regular satellite.
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