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Bleeding mechanism for use in a propulsion system of a recoilless, insensitive munition

A bleeding mechanism for use in the propulsion system of a recoilless, insensitive munition utilizing a utilizing a fluidic countermass. The present bleeding mechanism utilizes a firing pin or a similar puncture or tear device. A heat sensitive material blocks the movement of the firing pin. A mechanical locking mechanism locks the firing pin in position until it is unlocked by the melting of the heat sensitive material. When the insensitive munition is exposed to heat, the reaction of the heat sensitive material within the bleeding mechanism allows the firing pin to be released and to rupture a cartridge seal. The cartridge may be filled with a compressed compound, which releases gas under pressure to the countermass container, causing a countermass cover to rupture, thereby emptying the countermass fluid.

Leon Moy

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October 13, 2016
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