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Breakwater/attenuation device for high speed vessel wake

A barrier dissipates energy from wakes from high speed vessels. Pilings embedded in the seabed slidably extend through openings in a flotation section below the surface of the water and through apertures in a gate section above the surface of the water. Struts on the flotation section extend through the surface of the water to hold the gate section a predetermined height above the surface. An inclined ramp extends from the flotation section below the surface and progressively reduces the depth of the water above the ramp portion as the distance to the flotation section becomes less. The progressively reduced depth builds-up the incoming wake, and the gate section cuts off the crest of the built-up wake to dissipate energy. Systems of barriers may be located in various patterns of spaced apart arrangements along waterways to intercept and reduce the effects of wakes produced by numerous high speed vessels. This spaced apart arrangement dissipates the energy of the wakes yet permits passage of water traffic, fish feeding patterns and/or migrations, water flow, biomass transport, flotsam and jetsam, and natural and manmade events. The barrier is relatively unaffected by swells, conventional waves, and tidal flow.

Richard A. Cavanagh

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Patent Issue Date: 
November 23, 2001
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