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Breathing apparatus having electrical power supply arrangement with turbine-generator assembly

An electrical power supply arrangement incorporates a turbine-generator assembly providing a self-contained non-battery electrical power source for supplying power to a breathing apparatus. The turbine-generator assembly is interposed in an air hose extending between first and second stage pressure regulators respectively connected to a pressurized air cylinder and to a cooling device of the breathing apparatus. The assembly includes an air turbine and an electrical generator disposed and coupled in tandem relationship to one another and enclosed in an elongated hollow housing. Pressurized air introduced into the turbine end of the housing expands across turbine blades and rotatably drives a central shaft of the turbine which, in turn, rotates a central rotor of the generator causing generation of electrical power in a stationary stator of the generator which surrounds the rotor. The electrical power can be accessed at a terminal block attached to the generator end of the housing for supplying power to operate the cooling device of the breathing apparatus.

Kenneth Price, Robert Hughes, Joseph Rudolph

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November 19, 1999
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