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BSA 01-07: Carbon Monoxide Tolerant Fuel Cell Electrocatalyst

Platinum is an excellent catalyst for many reactions. However, it is also easily poisoned by carbon monoxide and very expensive. Tolerance to carbon monoxide can be increased by using a particle composite consisting of clusters or an atomically thin layer of the platinum on a ruthenium particle. When used as an electrocatalyst for the oxidation of fuel at a fuel cell anode, this structure exhibits low platinum loading and elevated tolerance to carbon monoxide when compared to commercially available platinum/carbon electrocatalysts. These structures can be used in fuel cells and other electrocatalytic or heterogeneous catalytic applications.
Patent Abstract: 
This fuel cell anode includes an electrocatalyst that has a conductive support material, ruthenium nanoparticles, and a group VIII noble metal, such as platinum. The anode can also have a perfluorinated polymer membrane on its surface.
These electrocatalysts have high tolerance to carbon monoxide and require low platinum loading, increasing lifetime and reducing costs over other catalysts in common use.
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