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BSA 11-19: Methyl CpG Detection using McrA

A substantially pure full length, active McrA protein, which binds to CmeCpGG sequences is provided. The protein is useful for analysis of methylated CpG dinucleotides. The protein has no discernible nuclease activity despite being involved in methylation restriction in E. coli.
Patent Abstract: 
This invention relates to the protein encoded by the McrA gene of E. coli. The highly purified protein and affinity fusion derivatives of it are useful in examination and characterization of methylation of specific DNA sequences and their relationship to disease states. This invention is a divisional of also pending US2010008174.
Coupled with the parent case of this invention, this invention provides an additional tool for analysis of the methylation state of DNA sequences. The protein provided in this application is easy to use and versatile.
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