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BSA 11-29: Miniature system for Carbon-11 Cyanide Production from Carbon-11 CO<sub>2</sub>

he synthesis of carbon-11 labeled tracer compounds for positron emission tomography (PET) imaging studies is greatly limited by access to carbon-11 labeled reactive starting materials. The incorporation of carbon-11 into some desired tracer compounds is greatly facilitated by use of carbon-11 cyanide. Earlier instruments for conversion to carbon 11 cyanide have a large footprint. The present miniature system is small and portable and carbon 11 cyanide is generated in shorter time, resulting in higher specific activity of the final PET tracer compound.
Patent Abstract: 
By minaturizing all components and providing enhanced stream handling systems, the conversion of carbon 11 CO2to carbon 11 cyanide is quicker. The miniaturized system can automatically facilitate the derviation of high specific activity carbon 11 cyanide for use in PET tracer chemistries. This system may be installed where laboratory space is limited.
Makers of systems for handling PET tracer synthesis would benefit from adding this miniature system to their product lines.
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