Available Technology

BSA 11-31: Catalysts for interconversion of CO<sub>2</sub> plus H<sub>2</sub> and formic acid.

Catalyst compounds for the energetically feasible interconversion CO2plus H2and formic acid are disclosed as are methods for using the catalysts for CO2capture and H2release from formic acid.
Patent Abstract: 
A tetrahydrobipyrimindine (thbpym) compound is used as the underlying structure for a new group of bimetallic catalysts. CO2is partially reduced in a reaction with H2to form formic acid. Under acidified conditions, the H2can be released from the formic acid in the presence of the same catalyst compound. Mechanisms for the action of the catalysts are proposed.
Formic acid and hydrogen fuel cells development will benefit from the use of this catalyst as the operating temperatures are reduced relative to previously known catalysts.
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