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BSA 12-28: Non-Noble Metal Water Electrolysis Catalysts

This invention comprises an inexpensive catalyst system for water electrolyzers by replacing the noble-metal catalysts that are typically used in electrolyzer systems. A molybdenum-nickel nitride nanosheet catalyst has been found to be very stable
Patent Abstract: 
A novel form of nickel-molybdenum nitride - nanosheets - has been found to be a highly effective catalyst for splitting water to form hydrogen gas. The combination of reactive Ni with electron-dense Mo and its conversion to the nanosheet nitride form has produced a durable and highly active hydrogen evolution catalyst. Nitrides of other metals in combination with molybdenum are expected to have comparable activity.
The majority of the cost of current electrolyzers is a result of the requirement for use of noble-metal catalysts, particularly platinum. Replacement with considerably less expensive catalysts that are highly active and stable can result in new electrolyzers at a lower cost.
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