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BSA 14-44: Slits for depth resolution using X-ray diffraction

Understanding the three dimensional structure of materials and their in situ response to processes is of great interest to material scientists. X-ray powder diffraction studies allow scientists to non-destructively analyze complex material mixtures. Currently, conical slits are being used in X-ray diffraction mapping to study few predefined gauge volumes. The spiderweb slit technology described here allows for any diffraction from the defined gauge volume to be measured by the detector, thereby allowing one to study different materials in layered samples.
Patent Abstract: 
The spiderweb slit function by matching the geometry of Debye-Scherrer diffraction cones from powder or polycrystalline materials. The diffracted x-rays originating from the gauge volume of sample pass through a set of slits and are recorded by the detector, while diffracted rays outside the gauge volume are absorbed by the walls defining the slits.
The use of the slit allows one to: 1. Reduce background diffraction from sample containers. This will allow one to study samples within a container. 2. Analyze materials that are present in different layers.
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