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BSA 15-21: Selective Directed Self Assembly of Coexisting Morphologies Using Block Copolymer Blends for Complex, High Resolution Lithographic Patterning

A new nanofabrication approach that enforces coexistence of multiple, aligned block copolymer morphologies within a single patterning layer is described. A blend of lamellar- and cylinder-forming block copolymers assembles on specially designed surface chemical line gratings, leading to the simultaneous formation of coexisting ordered morphologies in separate areas of the substrate. This technique extends the conventional directed self-assembly (DSA) approaches to furthering the role of the template guiding pattern in influencing the block copolymer assembly process, enabling formation of multiple nanoscale patterns from a single blended block copolymer thin film.
Patent Abstract: 
Traditional methods of block copolymer self-assembly for the nanofabrication are limited in the range of structures that can be fabricated in a single layer because each block copolymer material defines only single equilibrium morphology. As a solution to this problem many have designed templates in order to locally redirect the orientation of single block copolymer morphology in order to generate more sophisticated patterns. However, defining the pattern by orientation control is not ideal for fabrication, most notably during subsequent pattern transfer processes, as the perpendicular and parallel orientations require different considerations during these steps. Our new approach provides an easier solution to create multiple patterns on surfaces with dimensions in the range of 5-50 nanometers. This size range typically require specialized equipment such as electron beam lithography- a technique that has the required resolution but lacks the high throughput necessary for manufacturing. The blended block copolymer self-assembly approach described here has the right combination of resolution and speed to be can be manufactured.
The potential benefit of this new approach of nano patterning includes, high resolution, require only conventional materials, a scalable process and high throughput method commensurate with the requirements of microelectronics device manufacturing.
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