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Buoyancy shifting apparatus for underwater plow

The present invention provides a means by which an underwater plow can avoid large obstacles that otherwise would prevent the plow from executing its desired path. The underwater plow is released into the water, drops to the sea floor, orients itself, and begins to deploy the sensor array along a pre-programmed path. If the plow encounters a sea floor obstacle, the plow 10 automatically maneuvers to overcome the obstacle and continues deployment of the sensor array. The buoyancy shifting apparatus 110 allows the plow to automatically maneuver. The present invention shifts the center of buoyancy of the underwater plow, thereby allowing the plow to float over obstructions.

Bret R. Thomson

Steve K. Whiteside

Tyler J. Browe

Daniel T. Bridge

Ronald Allen Skala

Robert M. Lee

Paul C. Wade

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
November 21, 2014
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