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Cable flushing lateral

A cable flushing lateral is inserted into a guide tube or conduit through which a cable is to be payed out. The flushing lateral is in the form of a pipe within a pipe with a cylindrical space formed between the pipes. The inner pipe is connected to the upstream side of the guide tube and the outer pipe is connected to the downstream side of the guide tube. The upstream end of the outer pipe has a Y-connection to which a water source is connected such that water under pressure may enter the space between the pipes. The inner pipe has an open nozzle termination at its downstream end and the outer pipe is closed against the inner pipe at its upstream end. The cable to be payed out extends through the guide tube and flushing lateral. The pressure and velocity of the water flowing through the cylindrical space between the inner and outer pipes become uniform. As the water flows past the end of the nozzle, a uniform flow of water surrounds the cable. The flowing water surrounding the cable lubricates the cable and creates a drag on the cable which assists the in paying out the cable through the guide tube.

Troy A. Hollingsworth

Kenneth D. Lambert

John H. Weidenheft, III

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
September 7, 2001
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