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Cell-Free Assembly of NanoLipoprotein Particles

Membrane-associated proteins and protein complexes account for roughly one-third of the cellular proteins. These protein complexes mediate essential cellular processes such as signal transduction, transport, recognition, and cell-to-cell communication. This class of proteins is difficult to study because of their insolubility and tendency to aggregate when removed from their protein-phospholipid lipid bilayer environment. Also, over-expression of membrane proteins in vivo often results in cell toxicity, protein aggregation, mis-folding and low yield.
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LLNL has developed a novel process of production, isolation, characterization, and functional re-constitution of membrane-associated proteins in a single step. In addition, LLNL has developed a colorimetric assay that indicates production, correct folding, and incorporation of bR into soluble nanolipoprotein particles (NLPs).
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