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Ceramic Filters

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are widely used commercial products to remove airborne particulates from a gas stream in a gas process system or ventilation system. Filter life span is determined by filter design and materials. Existing HEPA filters are made from glass fiber, which is fragile and easily damaged. They are subject to handling errors. Shelf life is reduced by contact with moisture. They are damaged by high pressures, chemical attack, high temperature, and fire. Alternative technologies face challenges with weight, strength, flow rate, and pressure drop. Alternative technologies also face challenges with life cycle cost, support system cost, regulatory scrutiny, radiolysis, weight, strength, flow rate, and pressure drop. Sand filters are not an economical option for many industries (e.g., biotech). TeflonĀ© filters recently encountered regulatory issues which have limited their application.
Patent Abstract: 
A ceramic HEPA filter designed to meet commercial and DOE requirements, as well as to minimize upgrade installation logistics for use in existing facilities. Current key performance requirements are described in DOE Standard 3020.
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