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Chemical Prism

LLNL provides solutions to our nation's most important national security challenges through innovative science, engineering and technology. LLNL innovators have developed a new system for separating components from a fluid. Using a functionally graded material, the system separates a chemical mixture into multiple streams enriched in an individual component or components. LLNL is interested in partnering with companies to further develop the system for commercial applications.
Patent Abstract: 
Dubbed the "LLNL Chemical Prism", the LLNL system has use wherever there is a need to separate components of a fluid. A few examples include: Chemical detection for known and previously unknown chemicals or substances Separation of biomolecules from a cellular extract Fractionation of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons Forensic analysis of chemical specimens Sample preparation prior to detection Environmental monitoring for or clean-up hazardous waste streams or illicit materials Purification of water, ultrapure solvents, high-value fine chemicals, industrial products and pharmaceuticals High throughput screening of novel compounds for biological activity, novel pharmaceuticals, and drug discovery Compact, portable detection systems.
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