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Chromobacterium phragmitis for Insect Control

Chromobacterium phragmitis is a newly discovered species of bacteria that has insecticidal activity against immature stages of both fly and moth pests. These bacteria are not insect pathogens, but produce compounds in culture that are toxic to the insects. This means that it is not necessary to maintain the viability of the bacteria in a product, and that the toxic compounds can be concentrated in post-fermentation processing.

• Cultures of C. phragmitis are more toxic to moth species than C. subtsugae
• An alternative to Bacillus thuringiensis with a broader activity spectrum

• Cultured C. phragmitis can be used as an organic insecticide with activity against lepidopteran and dipteran insect pests such as cabbage looper, diamondback moth, and seedcorn maggot

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