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Code 4 Armor

For DoD, law enforcement, and private security organizations that need personnel protection, Code 4 Armor is a multi-impact, customizable, monolithic armor technology. Unlike competitive products, Code 4 Armor uses cermet metallic patent-pending technology, a composite material composed of ceramic and metal, which provides multiple hit survivability. Code 4 Armor affords superior protection while reducing product weight and production costs. We’ve accomplished a proof-of-concept prototype for marine propulsion application, and we are now looking for a partner who will fully commercialize this technology.
Patent Abstract: 
Provides stopping power equal to steel armor -Weighs half as much as steel armor -Will not separate like glued, layered construction -Does not fragment catastrophically -Sustains multiple impacts -Can be mass produced on an assembly line -Can be custom fit and functionally graded for specific applications
Decreases final product weight and increases comfort -Improves safety by eliminating weak points caused by glued construction -Better meets protection needs in a combat zone -Reduces cost by eliminating handwork and reducing material waste
Patent Status: 
Proposed- TRL 3 - Active R&D is initiated - Active research and development is initiated. This includes analytical studies and laboratory studies to physically validate analytical predictions of separate elements of the technology. Examples include compon
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